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About Fortivus Wealth Group

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Our mission is to guide high-net-worth individuals through some of the most uncertain, stressful times of life, specifically pre-retirement and early retirement. We accomplish this by listening to our clients to learn about their concerns and needs. In so doing, we identify financial goals and objectives specific to their planning needs.

Jim is a fee-based financial planner within the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. Jim is one of only 145 reps out of the approximately 8,000 reps at Northwestern Mutual that is credentialed to engage clients in a fee-based financial planning relationship. He is also securities licensed.

Jim Meanix has been with Northwestern Mutual since 1983.

Associations and Memberships

Associations and Memberships

Michael has been with the Northwestern Mutual since 2008.

FWG Firm Story

Fortivus Wealth Group is a testament to the power of shared values, mentorship, and a deep commitment to helping clients achieve their financial dreams. Our journey began over four decades ago when Jim Meanix embarked on his career at Northwestern Mutual. Through dedication and hard work, Jim became one of the most successful insurance advisors in the company's storied history.

Fast forward to 2008 when the landscape of financial planning was evolving rapidly, Jim saw the growing importance of integrating insurance planning with investments. It was during this pivotal time that he connected with Michael, an advisor at Merrill Lynch, and a friend he had known for years. It became evident that their values and vision aligned, and they recognized the potential to take their businesses to new heights. Together, they formed a partnership that would soon become one of the most successful planning firms in the entire country. Their outstanding work earned them national recognition from esteemed publications such as Forbes and Barron's.

Beyond their own success, Jim and Michael were committed to nurturing the growth of others within the Northwestern Mutual community, creating informal mentorship relationships to help fellow advisors reach their full potential. It was during this time that Zach and Aaron, both successful advisors in their own right, formed connections with Jim and Michael through their mentorship. Realizing their shared values and a common vision, the four partners united to create Fortivus Wealth Group, recognizing the potential to excel together in an evolving financial planning landscape.

Today, Fortivus Wealth Group is a beacon of excellence, integrity, and client dedication. Our founders' journey from individual success to collective synergy defines our culture and approach. We invite you to join us on this path toward financial security and prosperity, where we are not just financial advisors but trusted partners in your financial journey.